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Klingon D-6 Cruiser 



The D6 cruiser, which entered service in 2241, was a radical change from the previous class (the D5) both internally and externally. The ship's systems were designed with high levels of performance emphasised over long-term reliability. To reduce weight, the only warp reactor carried was a compact  M/AM reactor of completely Klingon design that could sustain output at near-maximal levels for approximately 150 hours without shutdown, and also began the Klingon trend of using very little shielding as a consequence.  The relatively large nacelles were able to handle extremely high levels of power and achieve maximum speeds for days at a time. However, their warp coils had to be replaced after cruising at warp 6 for less than 30 days.

Type:    Cruiser 

Class:    IX

Year:    2241

Image + Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum

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