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'Chowder' Class Cruiser 



As UESN forces began their advance into Romulan territory in late 2158, the Romulans abandoned any hopes of resuming offensive action, and instead concentrated on the defence of Romulan space and Romulan worlds. As a result ship production shifted from CABBAGE-class cruisers to the purely defensive CHOWDER-class cruiser.  The CHOWDER cruiser design replaced the large hemispherical hull of CABBAGE with a gently tapered cylindrical hull 30 m in diameter. A small wing atop the hull was tipped with two spindles that may have been auxiliary directional warp nacelles for increased maneuverability at warp speeds. A smaller version of the standard Romulan fusion powerplant appeared to be used with slightly slimmer warp nacelles. Armament included lasers, a plasma cannon, and six missile launchers.

Type:    Cruiser 

Class:    6

Year:    2158

Image + Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum

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