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Dollond Class Transport Tug 



The Dollond class transport was the sister ship to the Doppler class transport. Built from identical hulls, the Dollond class differed from the Doppler in the warp engines mounted to its hull. The high production schedule of the Doppler transports, using Shuvinaaljis Warp Technology’s FHLWA-1, strained that company’s ability to produce the required warp engines. To alleviate that pressure, Starfleet approved a plan to equip some Doppler frames with FHLWB-1 engines from Leeding Engines. Although the two companies were rivals, the situation cooled when, less than a year after the decision was made, the Federation found itself at war with the Klingon Empire. Those frames fitted with the FHLWB-1 became Dollond class transports and were produced simultaneously with the Doppler class as the FHLWB-1 became available.

Type:    Transport      

Class:    VII

Year:    2248

Image Source: Adapted from Image by Mike Bartels at

Ship Source: General Plans and Specifications - Dollond Class MK-VIC Heavy Transport Patrick Lichty & Associates

Update By: Lee Wood

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