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Chameleon Class Courier 



The Chameleon class ship is the companion ship to the old Mission class design. Both ships were initially built for Starfleet and both eventually became common sites in the civil sector- testament to their dependable design. The Chameleon Mk I was a 1-2 man scout built specifically for low-risk scouting and surveying missions. Used primarily by Colonization Command, teams of Chameleons would descend on a newly charted world and scatter across the globe, analyzing and surveying different areas of the planet. By having several flights of Chameleons operate on the same world at the same time, surveying work was done quickly and efficiently. Indeed, like the Mission class, Chameleons participated greatly in the "Great Awakening". The Chameleon also served a vital role in The Four Years War. It was a fast and maneuverable ship and was perfect for clandestine scouting and spying missions.

Type:   Courier 

Class:    I

Year:    2242

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Ship Source: FASA

Update By: Lee Wood

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